energy assessment

We are accredited low carbon energy assessors.

Energy Performance Certificates, Display Energy Certificates and Air Conditioning Inspections are a legal requirement and can only be provided by accredited energy assessors who are registered with a government approved accreditation scheme.

GLP Ltd Consulting Engineers employ a qualified and accredited CIBSE (Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers), Low Carbon Consultant and Low Carbon Energy Assessor qualified to provide EPC’s (Energy Performance Certificates), DEC’s (Display Energy Certificates) and Air Conditioning Inspection Reports.

EPC’s, DEC’s and Air Conditioning Inspections introduced in 2008 form a part of the UK implementation of the european directives 2002/911/EC and promote the improvement of the energy performance of buildings.

GLP Ltd have undertaken a considerable number of EPC’s, DEC’s and Air Conditioning Inspection Reports since accreditation in 2009.  Air Conditioning Inspection Reports have been provided for:

  • The Lowry Arts Centre, Salford Quays

  • The National Army Museum, Chelsea

  • Leyland Trucks

and several London West End landmark properties amongst the many commissions obtained.


Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s) are required on all commercial buildings that are built, sold or rented.

If part of a commercial building is leased, an EPC is required for that part of the building.

EPC’s show the predicted energy performance of a building as a Carbon Dioxide based index with an energy rating from A to G.


Display Energy Certificates (DEC’s) are required on all public buildings and those occupied by public authorities which have a total useful floor area of 1,000sqm  and provide a public service to a large number of people, i.e. Schools, Hospitals, Government and Public Authority Buildings.

DEC’s show the actual energy performance of a building based on actual energy consumption as recorded annually and termed the ‘Operational Rating’ which is the actual annual carbon dioxide emissions from the building with a rating from A to G.


Air Conditioning Inspections are required on all commercial buildings with a rated cooling system output over 250kW from 4th January 2009 and with a rated cooling system output over 12kW from January 2011.

The purpose of the inspection is to investigate the condition, operational performance and maintenance of the air conditioning systems and to advise on the means of improving efficiency and reducing operating costs and carbon emissions.